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Welcome to Aegina, a Greek island nestled in the Argo-Saronic Gulf,

only a few miles away from Athens.


The island's beautiful landscapes, crystal-clear waters, and immaculate beaches make it

a perfect retreat for those who appreciate serenity and natural beauty. The island is also home to historical and cultural sites, such as the Temple of Aphaia, the beautiful ancient olive grove and the quaint fishing village. 


The island has a rich mythological history that includes tales of love and bravery involving both gods and humans. According to the legend, Zeus was enchanted by the ethereal beauty of Aegina, a nymph of unparalleled grace. Driven by love, he took her to the island that bears her name, where they had a son named Aeacus, a legendary hero who was admired for his exceptional courage, wisdom, and fairness. His reputation was so great that even Hades, the god of the Underworld, appointed him as a judge in the afterlife.


Aegina is the ideal location for creative minds in search of inspiration. The island's stunning natural surroundings, historical temples, and calm beaches have the power to inspire a feeling of awe and magic.


How to get to Aegina

Getting to Aegina is easy!

To reach the island, simply take the bus or metro to Piraeus port and make your way to gate E8 located on the left side of the main harbor square. Once there, you'll have a wide selection of boats to choose from, including a speedy hydrofoil that takes only 40 minutes or a leisurely ferry that takes 75 minutes.

Participants will be hosted in the charming Aeginitikon Arthontikon boutique hotel situated in the downtown area of Aegina.

Built in 1700, the building was renovated and expanded in the early 1900s when it acquired its neoclassical style.

The rooms have been decorated in an old traditional style, featuring artistically painted ceilings and wooden floor on the first level.

Breakfast will be served in one of the two courtyards on the ground floor, designed to provide constant shade.

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