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Caitriona O'Sullivan

I have always been a creative person with a strong imagination; drama was undoubtedly my favorite subject throughout school. I went on to study Acting at Bath Spa University (UK) and graduated in 2020 with a First Class Hons.Within my three years of study, I received acting for camera training, wrote and performed in a sitcom and several theatre pieces.
I also recently created my own two minute short film.

I learned so many new skills in a single day

Invisible Myths was such a unique and inspiring experience that I will never forget, and it would not have been as special as it was without Oliwia and Mariangela's open-mindedness, fierce creativity and embracing attitude to each one of us in the workshop. The two mentors' explorative ways of teaching reminded me why I love creating again, and I can't thank them enough for giving the opportunity to exercise my imagination (in such a beautiful setting) and encouraging so much freedom with it (and being amazingly hospitable throughout!!). I've come back to the UK with a new perspective on creating due to the workshop - more boldness and confidence in what I make and without a doubt a rediscovered passion! I can't stop talking about it back here!


I am so proud of the films that we made. The intensity of the course meant I learnt such a huge amount in a small space of time - from the initial writing and mythical introduction stages to the filming with camera and sound equipment and using editing software - I was learning so many new skills in a day, constantly exercising my creative brain and exploring film-making in such a practical, hands-on way (the best way to learn). As someone who began the workshop with limited knowledge of how to make a short film, I believe I now have the skills, knowledge and confidence to go forward and make one myself (and I really want to). I felt a value to the experience that I hadn't with previous education courses - the freedom within being creative, that Mariangela and Oliwia facilitated, is what motivated all of us to believe in the films we were making and be so vulnerable in our art. 



I really feel like it was such a transformative and valuable experience for me in terms of the way I feel about making art - I left feeling the most inspired I've ever felt before and with such a full heart from meeting incredible, talented and intelligent people. The artistic, philosophical and spiritual conversations and discussions we had as a group will stay with me forever and there will always always be a piece of Invisible Myths in my heart. And I had so much fun!!!

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