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Sofia Veraza

I am a film undergraduate student at Northwestern University, set to graduate in 2024. Originally born in Mexico City, and most recently living in Boulder, CO, I have been passionate about storytelling since a young age. I boast a wide range of experience in production and art direction. After graduating, I hope to continue exploring various modes of visual storytelling, travel, and continue to meet peers and collaborators just as I did at Invisible Myths.

I found my inner confidence

My time in Aegina and at Invisible Myths was nothing short of magical, eye-opening, and inspiring. From day one, everyone made deep connections, and despite not knowing each other 7 days prior, by the end of the week, I had made relationships with each person– peer and professor– that I wouldn't have thought possible in such a short time.


The island of Aegina was also incredibly enriching and formative for my and our collective experience. Being able to feel the rich history, culture, and humanity emanating from the shores and cobblestones was apparent, and the locals were nothing more than welcoming and kind in our week-long endeavors (I can certainly say that our film, Anastasia, would not have been possible without their participation!).


Coming into the program, I had experience in filmmaking in multiple aspects, but it wasn't until Invisible Myths that I was able to truly find my inner confidence and declare myself a burgeoning filmmaker. I now feel ready to charge at the future with determination and ambition and know wholeheartedly that it takes a village to make a film.


The people I met at Invisible Myths will forever hold a special and formative place in my heart, but I can also rest assured that our week in Greece will not be the last we see or collaborate with each other. I am not typically one for spiritualism, but I feel strongly that the Invisible Myths program was nothing short of nourishing.


On top of that, the incredible films we were able to accomplish in such a time-crunch was impressive! I have seen films in my film program that have taken over a year to make and didn't have nearly as much passion, heart, or story as the films that we sprinted to complete.


I felt supported at every level, and everyone in the program, regardless of skillset, had incredible talents to infuse into our films. I have never felt more sure about what I want (and don't want *cough* Hollywood *cough*), and while I know it won't be an easy path forward, I know I can rely on my inspiring peers and professors for advice, laughs, and most of all, support. 

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