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Dimitri Botsacos

I was born and raised in New York, and I am an incoming Freshman for the 2023 semester to PACE University where I am enrolled in the acting BFA program for film and television. My experience in film is mostly in front of the camera as I've starred in over 20 short films. However, my passion for filmmaking is something that I’ve always wanted to explore as I grew up with family deeply rooted in the film industry. 

I couldn't have felt more supported

Invisible Myths was an incredible opportunity to bring my creative visions to fruition. While my experience behind the camera has been limited the hosts Mariangela and Oliwia were able to provide the tools and guidance which enabled my confidence in my filmmaking abilities.


Coming from the Unites States the distance from home initially made me apprehensive to sign up. However, once I arrived on Aegina's beautiful charming landscape and met my fellow filmmakers and hosts I couldn't have felt more supported or welcomed.


Overall the incredible community was able to allow me to form a deeper understanding of filmmaking and the entire production process in general.

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